About John Jay Beauty Salons

John Jay, The Man

World-renown, timeless, elegant, innovative, cutting edge … all these adjectives apply to legendary hair stylist John Jay. While he never left his beloved New Orleans for long, for an unprecedented 23 years, John Jay served as President of Intercoiffure, an organization which sets and maintains the standards of elite beauty salons throughout the world. He also served as the Vice-president of Intercoiffure Worldwide. For his work and in recognition of his talent, he was elected to Intercoiffure’s “Hall Of Fame” and the Clairol Hair Colorists Council. He is also the recipient of The North American Hairstyling Lifetime Achievement Award.

Over the years, John Jay has been featured in Elle, Seventeen, Vogue, Mademoiselle and Harper’s Bazaar. He has styled the hair of countless dignitaries and celebrities including three first ladies such as fashion icon Jackie Kennedy and sports stars Archie and Eli Manning.

Like his friends Sergio Valente, Vidal Sassoon and Paul Mitchell, this revolutionary hair stylist could have gone anywhere, but he loves his hometown New Orleans, his clients, and the warm, family-friendly culture he has created. John Jay was voted one of the Top Ten Salons by Salon Today.

John Jay Beauty Salons, The Family Business

John Jay’s family has been styling hair for five generations, beginning with Jay’s grandfather and his mother. Today there are 20 family members in the business in one form or another. You know what they say: A family that cuts hair together takes really great family photos. They also run a great business.

While John Jay still inspires all he meets, his legacy lives on through his family. Three of his nieces – sisters Candice Schmidt, Angelle Pastorello and Kecia Williams; and his great-niece Brianna Galeas – together have 90+ years in the salon business.